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Clinical Monitors

The Clinical Monitor is designed for technical and clinical image/study review

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30" Sharp Monitor

20" Ultra Sharp Monitor

There are two classifications of digital viewing workstations, Diagnostic and Clinical.  Primarily used by the technologists and clinicians, the Clinical Workstation is also referred to as “QC”, “Wet Read”, or “Reconstruct”.  Although the software used at these stations may not have the full functionality tool set available to the physician interpreting the images (please see our PACS sections), the distinguishing characteristic is typically the resolution of the monitor.

1 MP monitors are typically used in concert with higher mega-pixel units for administrative functions and electronic health information review. These high quality medical displays are built for medical applications and offer superior visual quality, performance and response times over “commercial grade” displays available in the consumer market.

2 MP units are ideal for diagnostic viewing in PACS workstations, multi modality review, and multi-specialty clinical such as surgical OR, ER and ICU. With the flexibility of color and DICOM calibrated grayscale, a 2 MP display eliminates the need to switch displays by providing the ability to perform multi-modality studies, fusion studies and 3-D rendered image readings on the same panel. Hospitals, clinics and private practice groups are using this 2 mega-pixel workstation for clinical patient image review, image review with the patient, or pre-surgical planning.

Commercial off-the-shelf displays have some of the characteristics that are appropriate for review and diagnosis of medical images, but they lack others, which should be of great concern to the physician providing the interpretation.  Standard computer displays offer limited resolution with a form-fit factor (landscape) that is not optimized for diagnostic imaging. DICOM Distribution can provide a variety of Medical Grade Displays offering resolution up to 2048 x 2560 (5 megapixel) in portrait or landscape that corresponds better with the image format of the medical images. Higher resolution allows the physician to see much more detail without panning or zooming the image. As a result, image quality is higher and productivity is increased.
In the past the sheer cost of Diagnostic Monitors made it difficult for referring clinicians to benefit from the advantages of PACS.

This fact drove the need for a step down in the hardware and the range of services provided by the workstation.  Whether you need a monitor, a complete workstation, a web-enabled viewer, or a complete PACS implementation, DICOM Distribution can provide a system designed specifically for your requirements, within your budget.  We offer a broad range of products from a wide variety of manufacturers. 

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